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Summer's Shadetree
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A peaceful place
daydreams in the snow

Hello! Welcome to my peotry site. My friends asked for a way to read my poetry archives. This is it. I'm not really an organised person, and I have now learned that poetry dosen't organise well anyway. However, the poems don't move around much, so you can find stuff again, I promise.

Here's how it goes. New poems get posted under "new poems" after I post again they get moved to the latest of the main pages. After that, well they tend to stay there, unless I get mad or disgusted with them. If so, they get "junked". I'm debating cleaning the "junk" out ever two months or so, but havent decided yet.

I've been putting up stuff for a couple years now. Stuff happens, I change. I change, style changes. It does this a lot, though I really like rhymed verses.

My current projects

2/2/04 i put up some new pictures. I shoved them under "junk" because.... well i havent photoshopped them yet. they dont look the greatest. theres also one in my bio page. enjoy.

1/26/04 oh lookie i found my password again! and i posted all the stuff that ive written since.... shiney new page is rather full.

4/23/03 i posted. wheee. brand new, never seen before stuff. have fun

4/17/03 i posted stuff up. alot of it i had posted on the forum... but its here now. too much caffiene.

4/13/03 time flys..... and Im working on it. so im putting up some new, doing some reorganizing, and i will be back. i need to do my homework... my chineese teacher is getting grouchy.

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heya! all the poetry is copyright to me 2000-2003... LAY OFF!!!